Market Access Strategy Solutions | Market Access and Reimbursement

Strategy Development

NavAxxess Health Solutions has extensive experience in developing and providing Solutions and support of the Market Access Strategy.  Critical to determining Contract Analytics for a Pharma Product is the clear definition and understanding of the Market Access Strategy and reimbursement policies established for the Product.  To provide the best solutions, Optimize Product Strategy and Enhance Appropriate Utilization, minimizing the impact of Reimbursements, NavAxxess helps its customers to determine the steps to engage Customers through its Customer Planning Process to establish Trust-Driven and Meaningful Work relationships in an Adaptable and Innovative Strategy Platform that may include Clinical Reviews, Contracting Analytics, Pull-through Activities, Patient Support, and depending on certain conditions, Market Expansion and Shaping Healthcare Policy.

To determine effective Execution, NavAxxess provides solutions and helps the customer segmenting and identifying Which Reimbursement and Market Access Segments and Strategies are to be covered primarily, which secondarily, and which others need to be Assessed.  Once these steps are defined, the Market Access Executive is ready to start addressing questions related to Contract Decisions, including levels of Formulary Access and agreements on Restrictions Health Care Systems may impose.

The Reimbursement environment is increasingly complex, and the need of creative approaches and innovative solutions becomes critical.  While many consultants provide ideas and solutions that seem interesting, the NavAxxess approach provide experience proven solutions that optimize profitable market access and help management increasing reimbursements demanded by Health Plans.