George S. Hiller, III, R.Ph.

George HillerGeorge Hiller led and directed all aspects of pharmacy benefit management for commercial business and Medicare Part D for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama for 15 years. His PBM team responsibilities included on-line claims adjudication, benefit administration, systems integration, product development, and network contracting. The Clinical Services area included drug utilization review, formulary maintenance, pharmaceutical manufacturer contracting, group reporting, and provider education.

George Hiller founded The Hiller Pharmacy Management Group in 2009. He currently provides consulting and project management in the pharmacy benefits space working with health plans, pharmacy benefit management companies, employer groups, providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. George’s skills and expertise include Managed Care, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Preferred Provider Organizations, Healthcare Networks, Contracting, and Product Development.

George received a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree from Samford University and a Bachelors of Arts degree from Auburn University.