Customer Segmentation

Market Access Customer Segmentation Analytics

Once a complete Market Access Database is implemented, it is critical to develop the Analytic Tools that will allow the Visualization and Extraction of Data for the many Market Access Contract decisions that need to be made.

Customer SegmentationHowever, a critical application from this Market Access Database is to develop a tool that will effectively allow a Market Access Segmentation tool in order to effectively implement the overall Market Access Strategies developed for the Company Products.

Customer Segmentation may be done in many dimension, hence, it is essential to have an effective Visualization and Extraction Business Intelligence tool that will allow the Market Access executive to look at the combined data from many different angles.

NavAxxess Customer Segmentation Contracting Analytics allow the user to cut the data across multiple dimensions including:

  • Channel: Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Exchanges, Federal, GPOs, Long Term Care, etc.
  • Account: Obtain the data by Health Plan such as ESI, Caremark, Optum, Humana, etc.
  • Direct & Indirect Accounts: Establishing Parent/Child Health Plan Relationships
  • Other Parameters: Number of Lives, Formulary Structure, Tiers, Restrictions, Etc.
  • NavAxxess Indices: Proprietary metrics to measure Level of Control, Regional Dominance, Formulary Adherence, etc.

 This Health Systems Segmentation Tool will provide the resources to make Strategic and Tactical Decisions, such us deploying Account Executives to Health Systems Accounts, Determination of Which Health Plans are better in terms of Formulary Management, Strategy, Allocation of Rebate Resources across Channels and Segments, and will also provide information for implementing the most effective Pull-Through Strategies to Market Access Contract Decisions.