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New Site The NavAxxess team of Consultants brings you a combination of Experienced Market Access Professionals and leading-edge Contract Analytics to ensure Profitable Market Access to Pharmaceutical Products and Services in the Complex U.S. Health Care Firm.  The NavAxxess Consulting Firm starts with a clear understanding of the Market Access Dynamics and key Stakeholders.  Our veteran Team of Market Access Consultants enables your success with deep knowledge of the Healthcare customer perspective, a realistic assessment of your opportunities in each segment of Managed Markets, development of segment specific strategies, and the Market Access Contract Analytic tools and deployment tactics for execution excellence.

Since its inception, the NavAxxess Market Access Consulting Team has been contracted by several Bio and Pharmaceutical Companies in different capacities from Managed Markets Customer Centric Strategy, Value Proposition, Health Systems Segmentation, Strategy Development by Segment including:  Commercial, Private and State Exchanges, Medicare, Medicaid Fee for Service, Managed Medicaid, Federal (VA, DoD, PHS, etc.), 340B, Long Term Care, IDN/ACO, GPO, Retail and Pharmacy Specialty, and Buy and Bill channels.

The NavAxxess team of Consultants also has experience in developing and implementing ad-hoc Market Access Contracting Analytics Platforms.

Managed Markets Database

Managed Markets Database incorporating: Prescription Data, Health Plans Accounts & Formularies, Actual Claims Data, and Market Access Contracts.

Customer Segmentation Tool

A Reporting and Visualization Tool to Access the Managed Market Database, and provide graphics and information to perform optimal Segmentation by Channel, Parent-Child Account relationships, etc.

Pre and Post Contract Profitability Module

Managed Care Contract Profitability Modules to evaluate Incremental Contract versus No-Contract Profitability measuring NPV and ROI generated by Rebates of Managed Care Contracts. These State-of-the-Art Contract Analytics have been designed also to monitor and review the on-going Contract Profitability of Managed Care Contracts measuring Actual Results versus Pre-Contract Profitability Metrics.

Customer Point-of-View Module

A tool developed to express a Contract Proposal to Health Plan from the Health Plan Perspective to help understanding the economic impact of a New Contract.

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